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How To Get The Martian Antennae Deely Bobber Hairstyle Seen At Sophia Webster’s London Fashion Week Presentation

It’s not often our minds are blown by a fashion week hairdo. Sure, they’re innovative and unique and hairstylists get to showcase stuff they may not normally get the chance to but sometimes we don’t entirely understand the hair though. You’re backstage at Fashion Week observing the hairstylists at work and thinking ‘why are you patting white paint on that models head? Why is that a look?’ However, this morning we were stopped short in our Instagram-tracks by this one shot from Bumble & Bumble taken backstage at the Sophia Webster presentation at London Fashion Week. It drew a sharp intake of breath and an instant #regram. What was the inspiration? How did they do it? And could we do it ourselves? Well apparently hairstylist Bianca Tuovi wanted to turn the girls into insects with antennae, to keep in line with Webster’s Flower Garden collection. CUTE. It’s also giving us 80’s kid in deely bobbers meets My Favorite Martian. Factoid: We called them deely boppers in Ireland. That’s cuter, no? Anyway, see below for how you too can achieve this amazing antennae hairdo.

1. Beginning with a super-clean center parting, spray lengths of hair with Bumble & Bumble Prep. Next spray Bumble & Bumble Does It All Spray to give flexible hold throughout the hair. Create two high ponytails using just the front sections of the hair, then braid the rest of the hair into two braids from the nape to the top of the head, back into the ponytails.

2. Split the end of the braid, press the “hair-ball” into the ends and secure.

3. Spray entire style liberally with Bumble & Bumble Shine On Spray for a glossy finish.

If you do this, please Instagram/Tweet and tag us. We would love to see your attempts!

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