July 12, 2012 // Design

How To Upholster Your Walls For Under $5

Want to decorate your walls but can’t face the idea that you would have to repaint them white when you terminate your lease? We feel you. This is a ridiculously easy way to cover your walls with fabric, and when the time comes to move, you just peel it off and away you go.

Above the chair rail we used bed sheets from Laura Ashley. Yes, really! We chose a floral pattern so it was busy enough not to show where we joined the pieces of fabric.

We used spare blind slats on the lower portion of the walls to create a wainscoting effect, basically we stuck them on using doubled-up painter’s tape. They are easily removable, but stay put as long as you need them to.

1. Measure the fabric, leaving an inch around the edges — the starch will shrink the fabric slightly.
2. Using a paint roller, apply liquid starch onto the clean, dust-free wall.
3. Place fabric over the starched wall, starting at the top and smoothing out bubbles and wrinkles with your hands. Use pins to hold the fabric in place.
4. Apply more starch over the fabric.
5. When fabric is dry, apply starch to any remaining bubbles or wrinkles, and trim the edges with an X-Acto knife. You may keep re-applying starch to bubbled areas until none remain. We were applying starch to a couple of certain areas for days.

Oh, and a huge container of starch is $2.97 at Walmart.com Can you even?

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