September 21, 2015 // Style

If Pinterest And Instagram Had A Shoppable Baby It Would Be Called Villoid

When Alexa Chung announced her Villoid app a few weeks ago, some wondered if it was going to be a Kim Kardashian Hollywood-type game. You know, a game where you get to run around the East Village with Alexa, seeing live music and Instagramming hipster dudes? Well, that’s not actually what Villoid is. At all.

It’s a shopping app, but it’s more than just a store. It’s an inspiration app, too. Villoid allows you to create Pinterest-style boards in which you can put together outfits, kind of like in Clueless, but without a ‘paper dolls’ vibe. You simply add items to one of several layout options, and you’re instantly able to see if those boots will go perfectly with that dress, or if that bag looks whack with that sweater. You can add pictures from your camera roll too, so if you want to create an Ali McGraw lewk, you can add a pic of her to the board.

The cherry on top is that everything you’re ‘pinning’ is for sale, so you can buy the item or (if you rich, yo) the whole outfit. The app has fully updated prices too, so you’ll get the sale price, if applicable.

In addition to all that fun stuff, you can follow other people’s boards for their inspo, as well as shop their boards and so on. It’s actually really cool.

You should fully download it

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