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If You Like Nautical Or Rustic, You Will Love Every Home Accessory At Haus Interior

Haus_Interior Apartment // Stores 
Pendleton Queen Blanket Arizona, $198
Gray & White Stripe Napkin, $54 for set of four
Wood Shop Pendants, $45 each
Wood Shop Douglas Fir Wood Block Pillow, $175

You know when you walk into a store and you love everything? We always think, “Who is the buyer here? We could definitely be friends!” That’s how we felt when we recently stopped by Haus Interior, a small store on Elizabeth Street in Nolita. We were instantly taken with the well-priced selection that was just so utterly us, from nautical table accessories to this sweet rope bottle opener. The store’s been ambushed by Wood Shop David Stark until February 27, and we are living for the selection of tool-shaped pendants from monkey wrenches to hatchets and saws, wood pattern pillows and of course, a ton of stuff carved from wood.

250 Elizabeth Street, NY 10012 tel 212-741-0455

-- Fiona Byrne

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