June 25, 2015 // Style

If You Only Buy One Thing This Summer, Make It A Round Beach Towel By The Beach People

‘I just spent a hundred dollars on a beach towel,’ our friend Kristin told us on a recent jaunt to Montauk, adding ‘But it’s round, so it was worth it’. A ROUND TOWEL?! WHAT?! And so we discovered The Beach People’s insaaaanely sick round towels. The Australian company was founded by sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie in 2013, and naturally they sold out their entire stock in their first summer. You can also get an adorable and practical leather strap to carry your precious towel, you know, so you’re not shoving a wet, sandy towel in your tote at the end of a beach day. So sick tho.

$99 at TheBeachPeople.com.au

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