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If You’re A Lil’ Bored Of Your Basic Hoops, Tuleste Star Earrings Are Here For You

Tuleste Accessories // Fashion 

Don’t get us wrong, we live for a classic hoop but sometimes even we get bored of a classic. Such things are wont to happen when you wear the same thing. Every. Single. Day.

You’re probably well aware of the Tuleste pom-pom earring. It comes in a myriad styles from marabou to wool and lace. But the girls do other things too, for example, their star hoop earrings are pretty sick.

You can get them in silver or gold, and if you’re kind of sky-obsessed, you can also do one star earring and a crescent moon one. Just something different you know? Why not right.

$95 at Tuleste

-- Fiona Byrne

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