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If You’re In The Market For A Pump, We Must Insist You Try Alice & Olivia’s Dina Shoe

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We love to run around town à pied, jumping on and off the subway. There’s no waiting for a cab/getting stuck in traffic, or what have you. So, flats are our friend. We knew when we saw Alice & Olivia’s Dina shoe in buffalo plaid though, that we would be happy to take cabs just to wear these. However, we weren’t prepared for what happened when we tried them on. You can actually walk in them. And not just the length of the room. You can walk 20 blocks, at a pretty reasonable speed, and with zero discomfort. Absolutely no clue how they managed to make a stiletto so comfortable and easy to move around in, but they did it. Considering we feel like this — and we never wear heels — if you wear heels on the regular, these will probably feel like slippers to you. Run, don’t walk to get your hands on these.

Sale price $241.50, at

-- Fiona Byrne

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