August 1, 2012 // Style

IiiBeCa Handbags Are Simple, Unfussy And Very New York

Something’s changed. It’s like there’s a handbag lever in our brain that suddenly went from “slouchy” to “stiff” and we’re liking it. When once we wanted the soft, squashy look, all we want now is a more structured feel and IIIBeCa (as in TriBeCa, and yes, you pronounce it like the neighborhood) has answered our call. The simple, unfussy North Moore satchel ($188) in tan leather is a dream, while the Read Street tote in marine will take you straight from work to the jitney to Moby Dick’s in Montauk on a Friday afternoon. From her days as design director at Marc Jacobs to her other lines Gryson and Olivia Harris, Joy Gryson is about to hit it big with IIIBeCa, and with all bags under $200 we’d like to openly say thank you for not making us skip rent this month in order to have one.

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