September 17, 2012 // Design

In Stockholm We Say You Should Stay At The Nobis Hotel

We really weren’t prepared for Stockholm. “Everyone is hot there. Everyone,” we were told, but we really didn’t believe until we got there. It’s true. Also, the food is insane — SO much fresh fish and, naturally, the best meatballs imaginable. We also really, really liked the Nobis Hotel, which was designed by award-winning architects Claesson Koivisto Rune. The minute we saw those orb-shaped lights in the reception area, we knew this hotel on Norrmalmstorg Square was our kind of place. A central atrium features a ceiling painted to look pixelated, and breakfast is a magnificent buffet of eggs, crepes, breads and cold cuts, including smoked reindeer. We defy you not to visit the buffet at least twice. The modern boutique décor extends to the comfortable rooms, with marble baths and Face Stockholm products, natch. One thing never ceases to bemuse us: the twin duvets on a queen-size bed. What is this Scandinavian phenom about? Apparently it’s because they like to have their own quilts when sleeping with a partner. If this is not your vibe, the hotel will happily switch out for a regular-size duvet. In fact, they’re happy to do most things you ask, which is nice.

Rooms start at around $250

Illustration by Michelle Siwy

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