May 1, 2012

International Grocery Shi Eurasia Has Everything, Like Your Corner Shop At Home

It is true of New York is that you can get anything, anytime. Anything. And while many a fancier downtown bodega stocks a limited supply of Cadbury chocolate, or what we like to call REAL Cadbury chocolate (the non-US stuff), we have never seen anything like the selection at the unassuming Shi Eurasia on the Lower East Side. Sure Myers of Keswick has that counter where you can buy sausage rolls and steak and kidney pie, and for that we are grateful, but Shi Eurasia is catering to more than just the Brits and the Irish. There are Tim Tams – all kinds! – for Australians, and let’s be real, there are enough Aussies in NYC to keep this place afloat all by themselves. There’s Irn Bru for Scots, there’s a ton of stuff from Scandinavia and Asia that we have no idea about and there’s your standard Yorkshire Gold tea, Twiglets and canned spotted dick for the Brits. We actually jumped up and down when we discovered they sell Pat the Baker bread and King Crisps. A crisp sandwich for dinner! Yes that is a potato sandwich – just staying true to the Irish roots over here.

143A Orchard St., NY 10002 tel 212-228-7982

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