November 7, 2013 // Style

It’s A Classic: Nars Laguna Bronzer Will Bring That Pale Face Back To Life

There’s a reason Nars bronzer in Laguna is a best-seller. Sure, all Nars products are, how you say, The Best, but let us explain why this is the only bronzer pale faces will need. Ever. Introduced to us by a friend, Laguna is that perfect shade that you can use to contour (gimme dem cheekbones!), or just to give a touch of warmth. The consistency is such that it evens out the tone, but you really can’t detect any product on the skin. Imperceptible, if you will (massive thanks to whatever Nars genius thought to use that word in the product description – it’s absolutely perfect). It has this sheen, so the light dances off your skin and your pores basically disappear. For medium to darker skin, try the Irrésistiblement or Casino shades.

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