December 7, 2016 // Style

It’s Just Not Possible To Find A Better Eyeliner Than Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl

TBH, before being introduced to Rock ‘N’ Kohl, we had zero clue there was such thing as a good kohl, never mind a great one. In our eyes (ahem), all eye pencils were essentially equal. Even the expensive ones! You put them on and within seconds, they fade. End scene.

This is not the case with Charlotte Tilbury’s offering. Every single thing about his pencil puts it worlds apart from all others. Its texture is soft and smooth, and its pigment is next lev rich and intense. The line is so black, it’s akin to the jet darkness you normally only get with a liquid black liner.

And don’t think the intensity wears off shortly thereafter, because it doesn’t. This black-as-night line lasts forever (up to 14 hours to be exact).

Its precise silkiness is equally great as a solid line, and its softness makes it a total cinch for deliberate smudging, too.

Just a tip: you will require an oil-based makeup remover to get this off cleanly.

We simply cannot stress enough how amazing this stuff is! No wonder everyone freaks out about it.

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