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James Jeans Couture Are Contenders For 2012′s Most Flattering

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They look like they definitely won’t fit, but one leg in you realize they just might. And they do. They use words like “sculpt, lift and mold.” You think it’s impossible! But it’s possible. Ho boy is it! We tried the Couture Skinny 1285 Vesper with an 8.5” rise. The so-called “power denim” is remarkably soft, and pulls you in with Spanx-like strength but with the comfort of a legging. They’re super-tight but mega-comfy and ultimately flattering. They even have padded pockets for an extra-juicy butt! We can’t! Although they’ve pretty much explained how it works, we’re still mystified. Happy, but mystified.

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-- Fiona Byrne

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