April 11, 2012 // Style

Jewelry Designer Nektar De Stagni Gave Pearls Smiley Faces, Added Neon Beads

Pearls are admittedly beautiful but let’s give it to you straight — they hadn’t had a place in forward-moving fashion since women wore heels to cook pot roasts and vacuum. That is until some sick designers started adding spikes and so on, and now Nektar De Stagni has got hold of them. She’s treated them playfully, putting them next to neon plastic beads (gasp), embedding them in a ring surrounded by real sea sand gilded in sterling silver (shit you not), and giving them smiley faces (yeah she did). She’s moved the overly serious sea gems from the realm of humdrum conservative to yipppeeee! And although we’re not taking them seriously, we are seriously getting out our wallets. In addition to her own work, NDS also offers up a ton of great collaborations with other artists and designers. Oh and she’s an international DJ. NBD.


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