November 4, 2013 // Style

Jin Soon Foil-Like Glitter Holiday Toppings Nail Polish Looks Cool On A Bare Nail

We legit love Jin Soon polish. We weren’t really aware that most other polishes suck until we started using Jin’s products. They do not chip. Jin Soon Choi launched her eponymous collection a few seasons ago, naming each polish for a model – the best girls she knows from being backstage at shows, think Coco Rocha, Jamie Bochert and the like. Jin Soon Holiday Toppings collection is a set of three, and each shade gives the effect of a jewel-like confetti. Although they would look excellent layered over a solid color, we must admit we love the look on a bare nail. Our favorite of the three is Soirée, it has such an edgy, almost graffiti-like effect on the nail. A mix of jet-black and silver-foil, this is worlds apart from your average glitter polish. And being Jin Soon, it will last forever. Basically.

A set of three is $48 and individual shades are $20 at

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