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Kate Spade Saturday Is Youthful, Cool And Perfect For Downtown Girls With An Affinity For Mod And Music

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To whomever came up with the concept of Kate Spade Saturday, we would like to offer heartfelt thank you. It’s so rare a new line is launched that we feel so connected to. The offshoot of Kate Spade, Saturday is a younger, cooler line aimed at downtown girls with an affinity for mod and music. There’s many a striped item (slippers, shift dresses, weekend bags) plus some super Mad Men-esque home wares and travel accessories. It’s actually really difficult to pick out the best items because literally every single thing is perfection. Instead of talking any more about it, we’re going to go ahead and put a slideshow below so you can just see what we mean.

Half-circle bag, $160
Jump-around bracelet, $30
Shift dress, $170
Checkerboard set, $30
Trench, $220
Mug, $10
Nail color, $20
iPhone case, $25
Slippers, $35
White stainless steel spoon, $12
Stool, $140
Full circle bag, $95
Teapot, $45
Top, $70
Weekender bag, $180

Prices vary at

-- Fiona Byrne

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