February 3, 2014 // Style

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration Is Your Post-Polar Vortex Dry Skin Remedy

Yesterday’s groundhog may have determined that we are in for another six long weeks of winter, but honestly, as long as it’s not polar vortex-levels of cold, it’s all good. Now that the insanely cold period is on its way out, we can start dealing with the damage it’s caused – such as all that crazy-dehydrated skin. Just like in fashion, we like thin-but-effective layers, so instead of a giant synthetic fleece, we go for several layers of silk and cashmere. On our skin, instead of a crude, thick later of cream, we’ve started incorporating Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration into the ol’ skincare routine. This stuff hydrates better than your typical heavy cream, with the consistency of a serum. No joke, this stuff is so light you will actually be a bit skeptical in the beginning. It works though. The flakiness we had completely disappeared within a couple of days. How? They combined enriched hyaluronic acid, apricot kernel oil and glycine betaine and mixed with a super-light gel-like emulsion and glycerin. Kiehl’s tested the product on people that live in super dry-heat climates, as well as swimmers (who we all know suffer tremendously with dry skin). Guess what? 97% of subjects showed a reduction in visible skin dryness by 30% within one week. That means your polar vortex skin woes can be a thing of the past by next Monday. Now, why wouldn’t you use this stuff?

$26.50 at Kiehls.com

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