March 14, 2013

Latest On The Immensely Creative Cake Scene Is Flourshop

If you were to do some kind of statistical breakdown of our most-liked Instagrams, we reckon we like pictures of beautiful desserts more than any other category. From cake pops to crazy-looking cookies and cupcakes, our addiction to cute desserts knows no bounds. Latest on the immensely creative cake scene is Amirah Kassem of Flourshop in New York. We were first alerted to her genius at the launch of Alison Lou jewelry last year when we gorged on smiley-face cake balls and gold-bar slices. We probably ate like 10 total. They were so amazingly good. Love photography? She’ll do a camera cake. Having an Oscar party? Get the popcorn one! So many options. Naturally, Amirah will facilitate your custom-dessert requirements too. No idea is too wild for this one. They all taste unbelievable but we have to let you know that we had a Flourshop carrot cake for our birthday recently and it was the best carrot cake we have every tasted in our entire lives, and all our friends said the same thing, so it’s official. Best. Cakes. Ever.

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