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Live The Process: Ridiculously Chic Yoga Wear That Makes You Look Slimmer

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You know how everyone’s always talking about how they wish someone would create some cute active wear? Well, it’s happened, and it’s here, and it’s beyond beautiful. PR powerhouse Robyn Berkley this year added a side-project to her main career in the form of chic wellness website Live The Process, and has just unveiled the Live The Process debut luxury yoga collection. Each piece has been designed using strategically-placed seaming to create a slimming effect, and some pieces such as the ballet-inspired corset leotard — which actually holds you in — were designed to also be worn as everyday layering pieces, if that is your desire. Hailey Gates is perfect as the face of the collection, too. Get it before it sells out (because it will).

From $35 at

-- Fiona Byrne

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