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London In The 80s Is A Humorous And Revealing Social Commentary

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When a book’s opening image is of an elderly lady farting, you know you are in for a good read. Vintage 80s is a series of black-and-white images shot in London in, yes, the 80s, and although there’s the occasional snap of Mick Jagger and Boy George, the real stars are the day-to-day observations: the women asleep on the Tube after a night out, the pile of brassières on the street, the ra-ra skirts and low-back bodysuits, the Sade and Bowowow posters… Johnny Stiletto didn’t just capture the moments, he captioned his pictures with mini-explanations, little social commentaries, if you will. A revealing, humorous and riveting read.

All images © 2012 Johnny Stiletto. Vintage 80s from Frances Lincoln Ltd.

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-- Fiona Byrne

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