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L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Magic Blur Instant Skin Smoother Finishing Cream Is Basically Like Face-Tuning Yourself IRL

Every so often a skin discovery happens that is life-changing .Our first experience was Boots Intense Protect and Perfect Serum, which we have used religiously since discovering it around five years ago. We would like to think it has significantly helped us maintain our youthful good looks. LOL. The latest thing to change our lives is this Magic Blur cream, introduced to us by a good friend. Word of mouth recommendations are always somehow more legit, and this is no exception. Described as an ‘instant skin smoother with opti-blur technology and pro-retinol A’ you put this on targeted areas such as the nose and around the eyes and it literally fills them in. Not in a way that you see make-up creasing, more in the way that if you smooth out a blemish on FaceTune. It’s like seeing that happen IN REAL LIFE. Mind-blowingly good. We tried it two ways, once all over the face and the next just on the nose and chin and it’s def a less-is-more moment. You put it on after moisturizer and before foundation and it will keep your skin looking smooth AF til you wash your face. The best news? It’s $8 at the Boots international online store. EIGHT. DOLLARS.

$8 at Boots

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