February 5, 2013 // Design

Loving The New Peacock Blue, Purple Etc Ink Colors For The Parker Ingenuity Pen

One of our favorite conversations to have with girlfriends is the cosmetics vs stationery debate. Would you prefer to go Supermarket Sweep at Ulta or Kate’s Paperie? For us, it’s the stationery store every time. And art supply stores. Don’t even get us started on Blick. Our passion for all things stationery begins with a great pen, and the Parker Ingenuity is just such a wondrous instrument of writing, when it was released we felt there was no way a better tool could exist. How could they top its “5th technology” (the look of a fountain pen yet writes like a fluid porous point, with the ease of a ballpoint, all while being as smooth as a rollerball). Well, they have. The pen is the same i.e. amazing, but it’s the new ink colors we’re flipping for. Peacock blue, olive and purple, plus a pinkish-burgundy, the colors are so pretty we are legit probably never going to stop writing. Ever.

Parker Ingenuity refills, $8 at Levenger.com

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