October 22, 2013 // Style

Maje Just Maybe Created The Perfect Leopard Jacket For Fall

We heard about this mysterious Maje jacket over the summer, while we were busy denouncing reality in Montauk. Our good friend Ashley, who has her finger permanently on the Maje pulse, described it as the perfect leopard and we wondered what the price point might be when it hit stores. We guessed anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000. It’s actually in the middle, but the Dalenda jacket it really is what is considered an investment piece. It’s made of rabbit fur, utterly soft and utterly warm which is key when you get to January in New York City. Shape-wise, it’s a true hipster shape with a touch of Seventies in the lapel-collar area. Very important for popping when the wind is whistling down the Bowery and there’re no free cabs.

$1,555 at Maje.com

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