March 21, 2012 // Design

Maker & Brothers Home Accessories Was Founded On Simple Things

Some of the best discoveries happen over iChat right? And when chatting with a fellow interiors-obsessed pal in Dublin recently, she hit us with a link to Maker & Brothers, a truly adorable online store founded by brothers Jonathan and Mark Legge.

Firstly, their address is somewhere called “The Shed” in the Dublin ’burb of Blackrock. Love that… and can only imagine what it looks like. We suggest a puppy-cam type situation at The Shed, only instead of puppies you just see, well, The Shed.

And then of course there’s the stuff they sell. They founded it on simple things: “the handmade, objects of integrity, contemporary vernaculars, a curation of everyday design and craft.” Into it, into it.

Remember that sheep stool we talked about before? They sell that. And another stool called the Knot Knit by Claire-Anne O’Brien that we definitely need to be a friend to the sheep when we finally make that purchase. There’s the Joe side table by Michael Marriot, who thoughtfully included bowling-ball style holes in the top so you can pluck it up and reposition it willy-nilly, and a linear, delicate candle pin we are most def hankering after.

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