March 12, 2012 // Style

Makeup Forever Aqua Liner Is Waterproof, Yet Washes Off Super Easily

Don’t you just hate it when you apply eyeliner and a few hours later it’s made a nice little duplicate all by itself right under the eyebrow? Or what about when it’s mega hot all up in the club and you’re dancing up a storm and you go to the bathroom and when you see yourself in the mirror you yell “WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME????” It’s incredibly annoying and yes, just like when we have something in our teeth, we WANT to know, thanks. Just say it! Who cares? One eyeliner that doesn’t move is Makeup Forever Aqua Liner, and believe us, we have tried this 75 different ways. It actually forms a flexible film to lock out water, and you will notice when you wash your face it comes off in small, hardened pieces. Not in a bad way, in fact it comes off super easily and you don’t even end up with panda eyes the next day. It’s amazing.

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