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Miansai Jewelry Is The Perfect Dichotomy Of Delicate And Uh, Warfare

Miansai Accessories // Fashion 

We actually checked out Miansai by Michael Saiger for lolz after we were told about this $10,000 iPhone case they make. Clearly we needed to see this. Then we got to the website and completely forgot to look at the case because we instantly got wrapped up in the very reasonably priced jewelry collection. The sections are broken down into hooks, anchors, keychains etc and pretty much everything could work in our lives. We love anchors! Monkey fist key chains are so completely our thing and the sterling silver cuffs with bullets are just the right dichotomy of delicate and um, warfare. Ropes, leather, screws feature heavily but without being very “toolshed-punkish.” No, this is just how we like things: simple, with an edge. Perfection.

-- Fiona Byrne

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