August 8, 2012 // Style

Nars New Eyeliner Stylo Glides On Like Patent Leather, Brings You To Pro Level Makeup Artistry

We’ve all been there, probably more than once. We get our eyeliner into the perfect cat eye, not too swoopy, not too thick, close to the lash line. We’re lookin’ good, yo. Then disaster strikes… an itch, a yawn, a sneeze and it’s O.V.E.R. That kohl you used to make your sophisticated and well-defined line is now all over your face, under your eyes, and smudged to shiz. Look, we’re not hating on eyeliner pencils (we’re equal opportunity makeup lovers!) but if you want a seriously chic cat eye, you gots to go liquid, ladies! NARS just released this new liquid liner that’s going to change your life. The Eyeliner Stylo glides on like patent leather, is highly pigmented and allows you to create a precision look that would make any pro makeup artist proud. It comes in four different shades to suit any of your makeup moods, stays on forever and comes off easily but only when you want it to. Eyeliner mission accomplished? Fo’ shiz.

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