February 19, 2013 // Style

Natasha Zinko Bunny Ears Ring And Bunny Rosary Are The Most Desirable Diamonds And Pearls We’ve Seen In A While

We have been accosted with a myriad of absolutely wonderful new jewelry designers lately (see: Katie Mullally and Patricia Nicolas) and this week’s obsession is Natasha Zinko. Zinko is a London-based Russian designer whose designs have captured the heart of Anna dello Russo and now our good selves. We almost don’t even know where to begin with this love note. Let’s start with her white pearl 18 Carat gold rosary-style necklace ($1,674), only instead of a cross there’s a bunny, and her white gold bunny ring with diamonds ($2,053). If bunnies aren’t your thing, she also loves an elephant theme, including elephant skeleton-shaped earrings, cufflinks and rings. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

Available at Luxxlab.com

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