January 3, 2014 // Design

Necessary Addition To The Desk This Winter: Oreo-Shaped USB Mug-Warmer

It’s soooo cold in NYC today (-10°F in the windchill, says our new Mayor!) that no matter how close you are to the coffee place, by the time you get to your desk, your beverage is just not as hot as you require. Sigh. We discovered the solution in this cookie-shaped mug-warmer. It plugs into the USB port on your computer, has an on-off switch and keeps that coffee warm till the very last drop. Saves all those back-and-forth trips to the office microwave, too. Clearly though, the best part is that it’s shaped like a giant Oreo. Perfect for torturing yourself thinking of cookies as you chomp on another carrot stick.

$14.99 at Modcloth.com

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