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New Artist: Cinnamon Girl Is Kind Of Like The Danish Robyn But With M.I.A.’s Style

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Who is Cinnamon Girl?
That’s the moniker for Camilla Roholm, so chosen because she thought it sounded like a superhero. She didn’t get any superpowers, but this London-based Danish pop wonder woman is pretty fly. She made a stir on music blogs last year with her super-catchy track Friends (and its accompanying neon music video showcasing her unique sense of style), and now is doing so again with the possibly-even-better Devil Inside Me (also with a sick music video, this one a Mondrian-blocked mash-up of herself dancing).


She’s like the Danish Robyn, with M.I.A.’s style. It’s 100% pop, but since when is that a bad thing? This is dance music. For the club, the house party, the Friday night getting-dressed dance routine you do alone in underwear. Super fun, a combo of that ’80s swing-your-hair element and modern synth work. Not to mention, her voice rocks — not too girly, nor too growly. Just right.

Is it like, Top 40 girl music though?

We said pop, not Carly Rae Jepsen. Cinnamon Girl is a bad-ass — see her neon eyeshadow to match her Docs, holographic Lennon glasses and penchant for tutus. We’re a little obsessed with her style, and a lot obsessed with her music. She only has a handful of tracks right now, but stay tuned — you know how these poppettes take off.

Download the Devil Inside Me for free on Bandcamp

-- Mickie Meinhardt

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