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Who are these guys?
HITS is a NY band that used to be called Jump Into The Gospel, if you’ve heard that name before. If you haven’t, get on their new one ASAP. The five-piece band — singer Louis Epstein, guitarist Ben Vescovi, keyboardist Erik Tonnesen (who plays live with Holy Ghost), bassist Lakis Pavlou, and drummer Chris Stein (formerly of The Drums) — has toured with Cloud Nothings, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Datarock and Band of Skulls, and are BFFs with Cobra Starship, who produced and mixed their upcoming self-titled EP.

OK, they have cred. But can they play?

Oh yeah. Contrary to the current indie-pop wave, these guys trace their roots to ’80s electro-synth, with a little pop tinge. Dancing is pretty much a given, but their modern take — Cobra Starship’s influence is noted — prevents you from feeling like a Flashdance extra. It’s less sugary, more thoughtfully produced dance pop (if that’s a thing).

Sounds like club music.
Hold up. Skrillex is club music. HITS is unabashedly fun, dance party music. It’s not particularly insightful, but it doesn’t pretend to be. You won’t have that guilty, “I’m listening to pop” feeling because it’s just so damn good. HITS are a hit, for sure (sorry, had to).

Summer-playlist worthy?
It’s already on ours. Download their single Madness on Soundcloud now, and watch for their EP release on June 26 (we heard some of the other songs — play St. John immediately when it drops). After that, expect to hear their stuff making the radio (and stereo, and DJ booth…) rounds soon.

Sweet. Are they playing here soon?
NYC-based means NYC shows. Their next gig is at Cameo Gallery on May 27. We hear their live show is ridic. So, obvi, see you there.

-- Mickie Meinhardt

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