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New Band: Monokino

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Who’s this now?
Monokino is like a cultural cocktail of sound. It’s three musicians — George Van Wetering, Yu Jin and Frans Van Gastel — based in Amsterdam but signed to China’s biggest indie label Modern Sky and with a touch of German influence. They blend rock guitar and keyboard with high-pitched vocals and an electronic undertone for a pretty flavorful electro-pop sound.

That’s a lot to handle.
I know, so here’s an easier breakdown: Take rock heavy guitars and wavering vocals, and twist them with German electronica and Amsterdam quirkiness. Also, fun fact: The keyboardist, Yu Jin, was a member of Cobra, the first all-women rock group in China.

Baller. But Monokino kind of sounds like a disease.

If they’re sick, it’s in the slang sense meaning “totally freaking awesome.” And their music video New Kids (which features the craziest puppet parade ever) went viral pretty quick this January (get it?).

Where can I catch them?
Unfortunately, just Holland right now. But listen up on their website and pray for a stateside tour soon.

-- Mickie Meinhardt

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