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Reptar? Like the Rugrats character?
As you’d expect from a band named after a Nickelodeon dinosaur, these guys have a sense of humor. The vibrant pop-punk foursome from Athens, Georgia, got their start playing house parties (still their “favorite venues”) around their hometown, gaining enough popularity to make SXSW this year, which they totally blew out of the park and ensured their own bright future. Their first EP, Oblangle Fizz Y’all, pricked the ears of the music blogs early on, and their just-released full album Body Faucet is even better.

What kind of pop-punk?
They call it “sonic wanderlust.” Their sunny southern vibrancy has influences from psych-pop and African music — think Vampire Weekend, but without the polos and Harvard pedigree — which soar and sizzle, filling spaces (whether from a stereo in your living room or a Bowery Presents stage) with serious happy vibes.


We’ll bet you haven’t heard anything quite like this. They’ve been compared to Talking Heads, for the techno-rock, and MGMT for the giddiness, but soon they’ll be the standard makers. It’s a lot like their album art — colorful, squiggly and dance-inspired.

Happy southern ravers. I can dig it. Are they touring?
So much. They’re currently winding their way around the U.S. before hopping the pond to Europe, then coming back stateside for more shows and Firefly music festival in July (look into it — the line-up rivals Bonnaroo). Get their new album, stat, and try to catch them when they hit New York with Grouplove in June if you can.

-- Mickie Meinhardt

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