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So I hear these guys come from other bands?
Yep. These guys are legit successful musicians (not just your average struggling-for-success-in-Brooklyn group). Lead singer Michael Ian Cummings and drummer Noah Rubin are formerly of The Dead Trees, and guitarist Joshua Hubbard played in The Paddingtons and Dirty Pretty Things. When their old bands started to wind down, the three friends got together to form Skaters “out of pure force of habit,” explains Cummings. “Like, what else were we gonna do? We are totally unqualified to do anything else.”

Oh, nice. What does Skaters sound like?

They call it “humblecore” — Cummings’ smooth vocals and charismatic lyrics are refreshingly unpretentious (the “humble”), while prominent drumbeats and an excellent variation of guitar work keeps it interesting and just shy of poppy. It washes over you in pleasant waves, with little splash of punk here and there.

Anyone you could compare them to?

They’re pretty individual, truth be told. Cummings cites their collective influences as “the melodic punk bands of the ’70s and ’80s, stuff most people don’t consider punk, like Mission of Burma, Devo and Cars,” plus the prerequisites like The Ramones, The Clash and The Pixies. It makes perfect sense: think harmonious, breezy melodies marinated in garage band punk. A lot of fun and perfect summertime tunes.

They sound legit. Where can I listen?

On Spotify and iTunes. If you like what you hear (and we’re pretty positive you will), download their EP for free on their website. And stay tuned for new material soon; they’re recording now and will have a new EP plus a few singles out by mid-summer.

Any good live?

Oh, they’re excellent. Their next gig is May 25 at Pianos, and they’ll be playing a bunch in NYC over the summer so stay tuned to their site for more shows.

-- Mickie Meinhardt

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