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New Band: The Denzels

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Who are these guys?
The Denzels do what many cannot: Make Bushwick sound cool. The Brooklyn-based four person group blends surf and garage rock with lyrics bemoaning the struggling 20-something life; catchy tunes, self-deprecating lyrics. It’s really relatable, as demonstrated by their rise in the NYC concert circuit: CMJ last year, and openings for The Cloud Nothings and Howler this spring.

Relatable how?

Their EP name, Easy Tiger, says it all. They do beach rock that’s neither too poppy nor too lo-fi (a hard balance to strike), and is more than just surf guitar chords thrown into indie pop. The easy, breezy acoustic work is topped with moody lyrics about a night of drunken disorderly conduct and opposite-sex mistakes. It’s great for hangovers — the chill melodies soothe, while their true-life stories make you feel less bad about last weekend’s bender.

They sound like my kinda guys. But how is this different from every other BK band?
Sure, the ode to broke creative types and youth-in-turmoil sentiment aren’t new as far as lyricism goes — what’s up, Morrissey? — but The Denzels aren’t sad sacks, or Brian Wilson wannabes. Their live show is really energetic; none of this sad, slow, fall-asleep-watching beach rock. You’ll be dancing, hard. It’s like if The Strokes went on a bender in California and woke up penniless on the beach. And sang about it.

Beach boys that really rock. Can I listen?

Yep, Easy Tiger is free to download on their Bandcamp. They play small BK venues on the reg, so check their Facebook for new concert dates. Make sure to see them while their tickets are still cheap, because we’re sure they’re gonna get real big, real soon.

-- Mickie Meinhardt

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