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New Band: The Drowners

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Who do we have here?

The Drowners are relatively new, formed in 2011 when Brit model Matt Hitt hopped the pond from Wales to New York with his computer of home-recorded (via built-in mic) songs and enlisted bandmates Jack Ridley, David Rubin and Erik Snyder.

The Drowners sounds like another surf rock band. Or Suede fans.

Not so fast. Their biggest reference is British New Wave: poppy post-punk songs with that “angry young men” frustration. But their short, punchy songs keep it fun with melodic hooks and sing-along choruses.

Like The Cure?

Sort of, because of the song length and the whole woe-is-me lyrics with happy harmonies. But they have their own sound; less dark and brooding, and no songs about a girl (yet). Plus the mellow, toned-down Brooklyn vibe that New York bands have adopted these past few years.

I get it. Sounds interesting. Where can I catch them?

Mostly just local places right now. They’re at Webster Hall tonight, where they’re opening for The Vaccines. Beyond that, see their Tumblr for updates and to download their EP, Home Recordings.

-- Mickie Meinhardt

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