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New Band The Neighborhood From L.A. Do This Nostalgic Indie Thing We Are In Love With

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I’ve never heard of The Neighbourhood.
Well, they’re a secretive bunch. The L.A. quintet quietly, almost anonymously put out two songs — Sweater Weather, which currently has 11K hearts on The Hype Machine, and Female Robbery — in January, both of which were really good but totally without background info. Or pictures. So mysterious! And sort of annoying, but we let it slide because their nostalgic indie was so chillingly lovely and kind of perfect.

So what do those two songs sound like?

You can tell why they favor black-and-white, slow-motion music videos: there’s a grounded constant downbeat, a great many layered guitars that range from muffled electric to even lower heavy bass chords. Haunting and quiet, like hearing music from underwater. Lyrically, it’s almost spoken word: “Sort-of singing,” because it’s sonically beautiful but rhythmically slower and more on-beat like a rap, but about ghosts and police and going straight to hell. Very interesting stuff.

That’s a lot to handle for only two songs.

Wait, there’s more! They released a five-track EP, I’m Sorry…, which rocks, plus a Hitchcock-inspired video for Female Robbery that is neo-noir insanity (and finally gives us a look at the band!). They may be mysterious, but that’s kind of what makes them so appealing. That and the intricate, amazing tunes. No shows as of yet, but cross your fingers for more vids soon. We’re calling it now: these guys are gonna be a big thing.

-- Mickie Meinhardt

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