June 4, 2013 // Style

New Online Fine Jewelry Store Stone & Strand Curated Super-Clever Pieces

We’re not obsessed with Kim K-sized diamonds or anything like that, but we do love us some fine jewelry. Fine fun jewels such as Alison Lou’s smiley-face necklaces ($1,500) and earrings with ruby eyes ($950), and Anna Sheffield’s Hazeltine Solitaire ring ($1,100), which features a solid gold solitaire and pave white diamonds. Now these gems and many more are available at Stone & Strand, a sick online destination for fine jewelry founded by Nadine McCarthy. Brooklyn-based Nora Kogan’s cute-as-a-button neon matchstick rings ($180) and cuffs($330) and boob ring ($8,800 and yes, it is a pair of boobs on a ring) are some of the most playful pieces we’ve seen in a minute, and choosing just one favorite piece from Daphna Simon’s log collection (from $155) has proved legitimately impossible for us. We could go on, but instead we suggest you go ‘head and take a look yourself at Stoneandstrand.com. Be warned though, you’ll be sad when you can’t buy absolutely everything on there.


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