January 14, 2014 // Style

Next On The Want List: Camilla Elphick Pez Shoes

You get the distinct feeling from the debut shoe collection from Camilla Elphick that she dreamt about her perfect shoes for a while. She likes doughnuts, candy, and all things that are horrible for you, yet totally delicious — hence the title of the collection: So Bad, It’s Good. Well, it was actually inspired by artist Kent Christensen, but we like to think she likes sweet stuff as much as we do. The standout style in this collection is, without a doubt, the Pez shoe. With Pez-dispenser heels, these are tailor-made for sugar fiends everywhere. And by tailor-made, we mean just that — you currently can only place personal orders directly with the designer. Fret not, an online store is in the works for next season. This being Elphick’s first collection, we can’t sit still we are that excited for what’s coming next. Or, maybe we’re just on a sugar high.

Prices range from around $300 to $1000 at Camillaelphick.com

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