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No Fun Bar On Ludlow Street Is What One Would Call “Adult Rock N Roll”

No_Fun Bars // Eat + Drink 

Sometimes you want to have a drink, and sometimes you don’t want to have to choose between a shitty filthy dive where you daren’t use the bathroom, or a hotel lobby where the drinks are extortionately priced. What you really want is No Fun. It’s a bar on Ludlow Street (but don’t let that put you off) and it’s that perfect hybrid of civilized but fun. The crowd is what one may describe as “adult rock n roll” and we don’t mean in a cheesy LA kind of way. We mean in a New York kind of way. There’s tapas to eat, and if you want to be a shit cliché and order prosecco, there’s that too. Listen, we’re v happy being a cliché, if you must know. There’s half-price happy hour between 5pm and 8pm daily. Fun!

161 Ludlow St., NY 10002 tel 212-477-1616

-- Fiona Byrne

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