March 12, 2012 // Style

Norma Kamali Swim Is Vintage Inspired But Also Has A Fifth Element Vibe

The purchase of a bathing suit is a very specific thing. You need to be prepared i.e. not feel your fattest and fugliest, and you cannot be under pressure in the sense that your flight to the Caribbean leaves tomorrow and you’re still not waxed, packed and you need to find the perfect bikini. And the shop’s about to close. So we say, buy your bathing suit now. There are a few months to go before summer shows up and if some handsome devil decides to whisk you off to a tropical paradise at a moment’s notice you can just throw your bikini in a bag, safe in the knowledge that you actually like how it makes you look. One brand we are feeling in the swim sense is Norma Kamali. Not only are the shapes super flattering, they’re very, very beautiful and some are vintage-inspired, while some have that futuristic Fifth Element vibe to them that is so very major. The best news we have for you today is that there’s a MyHabit Norma Kamali sale happening on Thursday March 15 at up to 60 per cent off. Our fingers are poised for a click-frenzy already.

Sale begins Thursday at

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