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Now This We Can Get Down With: Urban Ears Washable Headphones

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We are no strangers to a fancy headphone. Some of our favorite accessories happen to be headphones — from suede to 24K gold, to some that were actually architecturally designed in order to flatter female features. The headphone game is no joke, you guys. One complaint, however, would be the groty vibe that happens after much wear and tear. Makeup is a major issue around the ear area, for example. Urban Ears has just unveiled its latest headphone and it comes with removable, washable parts. The Humlan comes in a bazillion colors and not only can you remove the ear pads, you can also remove the headband bit so any hair product gets washed right out. Such a genius idea, we’re surprised we didn’t think of it ourselves.

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-- Fiona Byrne


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