August 2, 2012 // Design

Obsessed With Spending The Night In A Bubble Tent From Casa Bubble

So many things came to mind when we saw these amazing temporary structures called Casa Bubbles. Woody Allen’s Sleeper, those tunnels in E.T. and (natch) Bubble Boy but the more we read about these, the more obsessed we are becoming with spending the night in one. Or getting a house with a garden so we can have one out there all the time just to look at. Developed by two Frenchmen, Frédéric Richard, a furniture designer and Pierre-Stéphane Dumas, who designed the cocoon-like structures out of concern for energy efficiency and preservation. The spheres are inflated by a silent air turbine (a “blower”), which maintains a light pressure into the bubble, keeping the air fresh and condensation out. An airlock vestibule regulates the pressure between inside and outside so you can come and go as you please, plus it has room for shelves and racks to store your clothes or whatever else you deign to bring along for your sleepover. There’s a lot of technical stuff on the site that explains “modulating the evacuation of the air at the top of the bubble at the rate of two to six times the volume of air per hour” and also Canadian Well or Provençal Well air-conditioning systems for the CrystalBubble which are cool for eco-freaks since they don’t use extra energy and just mix outside air with air from the earth-air heat exchanger to get the desired temperature. They all come with wooden floors and you can rent furniture too, if you like. They use solar panels, and there’s also a fuel cell system, which will operate the turbine for three months on 2.5 gallons of methanol. So genius. And Jake Gyllenhaal, if you want to remake Bubble Boy we will happily join you in one of these.

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They’re available to buy, with prices ranging from $8,900 to $19,950. For rental rates go to

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