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Off White’s Plaid Shirt Is Not Your Typical Plaid Shirt

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When Is A Plaid Shirt Not Just A Plaid Shirt? When It’s An Off-White Plaid Shirt, Duh

If you think a thousand dollars seems crazy to spend on a plaid shirt, well you wouldn’t be wrong. Unless you are talking about a very special plaid shirt, in this case Off-White’s current offering.

It’s a little longer, a little slimmer and thus makes you look a little longer and slimmer too. ‘Woman’ is stamped in white on the back, (a feature which your current plaid shirt likely does not have) and the thing is, a plaid shirt is for life.

This shirt not a crazy deconstructed, outlandishly proportioned piece that you wear a handful of times then display almost as a museum piece – although we love those things too – this thing is a staple, and you’ll still be wearing this 10, 20 years from now.

$924 at

-- Fiona Byrne

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