March 15, 2013 // Design

Old Tom Foolery’s Headline Cards Are Deadpan Brilliant

Old Tom Foolery’s tagline says it all: unsappy, uncrappy cards and curiosities. We were at ABC Carpet & Home (using the loo if you must know, we don’t actually have $145 to spend on a coffee mug) and killing time before the Diptyque sample sale when Old Tom Foolery’s Headlines Collection cards caught our eye. The headlines are so lolz, but not in a dad-joke way, they’re actually good. Deadpan good. With headlines such as “Surprise, Surprise; Ass Kisser Sends Thank You Note” to “Relatively Intelligent Person Can Never Remember How To Spell Congratulations” and “Candy Filled Donkey Savagely Beaten At Child’s Birthday Party,” the cards’ appeal is much more than the old-school newspaper-headline design, although that is gorgeous too. Friends, when we can actually remember your birthdays etc; expect these.

$3.75, at

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