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Opi Drip Dry Lacquer Makes Your Nail Polish Dry Impressively Fast

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This is one of those things we kind of can’t believe we’ve never been told about. Historically, when we opt for “quick dry” in the salon a) we don’t really believe it works and b) you get those bubbles that ruin your polish and you get enraged. Sometimes they do a quick dry oil that may or may not enable you to get your Metrocard out half an hour later without smudging your mani but really, does anything actually make your polish dry faster? Does it? Yes. Opi Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops actually do work. Your nails are touch-dry in 10 minutes. They say five, but we like to give it 10 to be safe. We know they’re touch-dry because after a mani last week we went directly to a shaman palm reader and she was all about touching the nails. She didn’t give a fig about ruining that Tiffany blue color on our fingers! All this lady could think about was how long our thumb is and what that means for our career. And since our nails were dry, that’s all we had to think about in that moment also. This stuff works!

Around $9. For more go to

-- Fiona Byrne

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