March 14, 2013 // Style

Paige James Boyfriend Jeans Are Legit The Softest And Slouchiest We Have Ever Known

All denim is not created equal, and we have been lucky enough to be exposed to some of the best denim in the world. In winter, we love a good high-waisted skinny that sucks it all in and makes you maybe a size smaller in appearance, but for summer, those same high-waisted skinnies may enter uncomfortable territory. This is why we are now preparing the soft and slouchy section of our jeans collection for the onslaught of sunshine and deliciously warm temperatures. If we were to forecast our most-worn denim for spring 2013 we would hazard that it’s going to be Paige’s James Crop in Harper. A) Harper is our favorite, most fresh wash for the season and B) it is the softest denim we have ever known. We are talking light as a feather, soft as snow, the ultimate in denim comfort etc. Peg ’em and throw on a pair of flat sandals and you’re good thru September. They fit true to size, just FYI.

$179, at

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