February 15, 2012 // Design

Paris Vs New York: A Tally Of Two Cities Is A Witty And Pretty Little Book

Most coffee-table books are large. You actually sometimes just buy them for the purpose of stacking up and placing a piece of stone atop the pile, like all good design vignettes. And some are smaller. Pocket-size, ones you can pop in your bag and carry around without dislocating your shoulder. Paris Vs New York: A Tally Of Two Cities is a small one, but the author, graphic designer Vahram Muratyan, ensures it packs a major punch with wit and cleverness.

Each page bears reference to Paris, with the one opposite being its New York counterpart. From a group of French people hanging out smoking facing a group of New Yorkers jogging, to Man on Wire Philippe Petit opposite Spiderman Peter Parker, a gentle way to remember the Word Trade Center with its connection to Frenchman who walked a trapeze between the Twin Towers in the early 70s.

Pairs of opposing thick-rimmed glasses Jean-Luc Godard vs Woody Allen, espresso to stay vs giant Starbucks to go, every page will make you smile. Paris Vs New York is a simple, almost childlike way to display the difference for those who may have never been to either place, and a must-have for those familiar with both.

$20 by Penguin Books

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