April 15, 2014

Peacefood Is This Super-Chic Vegan Place Near Union Square

What we love most about Peacefood is that we actually had no idea it was vegan until the very end, when we tried to order coffee with skim milk. No idea! Sure, we probably should have had a bit of clue with the name Peacefood or whatever, but this place is first and foremost a super chic café/bakery with an amazing menu. Introduced to it by our friend Jane last year, who recommended the chickpea fries, once we had a single bite of the indian-spice flavored dish, we knew this was going to be a place we would return to. And we did. The fluffy quinoa with baby greens, sprouts, peppers, avocado, corn and onions with creamy lime mustard vinaigrette is maybe the most perfect salad—in terms of ingredients-mix—we’ve ever seen on a menu. And if you’re a sesame dressing addict like us, the Asian vegetable salad with baked tempeh is amaze. The desserts are vegan too, obvs, and we can def vouch for the vanilla cake. We’ll be back to try the rest, so will keep you posted.

Peacefood, 41 East 11th St, New York NY tel: 212.979.2288

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