February 26, 2013 // Style

Rag & Bone M15 Moto Jacket Is Giving Us Serious Freaks & Geeks

A good military jacket has turned into something of a staple, hasn’t it? We remember when it was edgy and like, you had to be into “grunge” music and all that stuff. That was also when you had to legit go to the army-navy store to find anything remotely military-esque, and although combat pants and jackets were affordable, they weighed a freakin’ ton! Those were the days. When all you wanted was a Doc Marten and a fisherman sweater. Sigh. This Rag & Bone jacket tugs seriously at our early-90s heartstrings. It’s a true homage to our army-navy store purchases, only it’s somewhat lighter and — bonus! — has a hood concealed in the collar. You know what else it’s giving us? Lindsay Weir in Freaks & Geeks. She stole her dad’s old green jacket and was instantly down with the freaks. You know, we think ours gave us access to the freaks back in the day, too. And that is the story of how we became “cool” and got a handsome, long-haired boyfriend who liked obscure bands. The end.

$795, available for pre-order (ships in March) at Rag-bone.com

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